Terms & Conditions

Alton Community Hall Management Committee

Terms and conditions of hiring the Alton Community Hall
at 1 Petersfield Rise, Roehampton, London, SW15 4AE

Alton Community Hall is located in the midst of a residential estate, and the Management Committee makes every effort to minimise the effect of hall bookings on our neighbours. The following terms and conditions outline the responsibilities of individuals and groups who hire the hall from us.

You are encouraged to read these terms fully before your booking:

  1. The hall must not be damaged in any way during your booking.
  2. The hall must be left exactly the way you found them, i.e. all tables and chairs must be stacked neatly away after use. The floors must be swept thoroughly, and any spillages mopped up.
  3. The toilets must be clean and in good order.
  4. Your booking period must include any setup time you need, and all cleaning and tidying necessary at the end. You should therefore ask guests to disperse at least 30 mins before the end of your booking period to allow for this.
  5. As mentioned, Alton Community Hall is on a residential estate. Your booking includes only the interiors of the building. Your guests must not be allowed to congregate outside the halls at any time during your booking.
  6. It is your responsibility as a hirer to make sure that no rubbish or litter of any kind is left on outside areas around the halls, within a 100-meter radius. Any litter must be cleared up within your booking period.
  7. Alton Community Hall is NOT licensed for the sale of alcohol. Whilst you are allowed to bring your own for party usage, NO alcohol may be sold on the premises. Smoking is also not allowed anywhere within the building.
  8. You are expected to bring your own black sacks for all rubbish, and take these away with you for disposal at the end of your booking. You cannot use the residential bins on the estate for this, including the litter bins on the paved area outside the hall.
  9. Noise – You are welcome to play music during your booking period, but this MUST be kept to a sensible tolerant level. As a rule of thumb, if your music can be heard – particularly loud bass – from the shops below the hall, then it is too loud. If Wandsworth Council’s Noise Control team is called out during your booking, and a filed report on sound levels at your event deems that you are contravening acceptable noise levels, you are unlikely to be allowed to hire the hall in the future.
  10. It is also your responsibility as a hirer to ensure that all your guests disperse from the area in an orderly and hasty fashion immediately after your booking. If the Committee receives two or more complaints from residents living within a 200-meter radius of the hall, that there are guests still in the area within 30 mins after your event finishes, you will be held liable.